Recent Opened Files Gone

After working with RapidWeaver 6 and 7 through multiple upgrades, Rapidweaver 7 has suddenly started defaulting to the Examples window when I open the app and when I switch to the Recent Window no project files are there anymore. Even after I open each project individually and save the project again the issue persists when I open RapidWeaver again. See "Open Recent: menu after opening 7 websites, saving quitting and opening RW back up. What’s up? RW 7.0.4

Just restarted twice and now they are back. Weird.

After leaving my machine overnight and opening RapidWeaver this morning my recent projects are missing again. Can someone peas speak to this anomaly?

Update. After restarting, as I did yesterday, the projects now show up in RapidWeaver’s Recent window again and also when I do a Spotlight search (Command+Spacebar).