RW 8.0.2 - “Open recent” menu always empty!

Hi, RapidWeaver 8.0.2 works fine on my configuration. There is just the “Open recent” menu that is always empty (as in the “Recent” tab of the projects window), even after opening several different projects. And it might be more convenient to launch that the project window opens on the “Projects” rather than the “Examples”.
Otherwise, again, this version 8 of Rapidweaver seems well born! … :wink:

I’m not sure what triggers RW8 to populate the “Recent” list, but mine is full of recent projects, and after initially switching the tab to Recents, it always defaults to that. Have you saved any of the projects you’ve opened with RW8? Maybe that will help?

Thanks for your help. I just applied the latest update (8.0.3) and still no saved projects in the Rapidweaver menus. On the other hand, in the Apple menu, in the recent elements, the RW projects are present.
All this is not the most important: it must be my configuration that is a problem … :wink:

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