Recomendations for a Comic Book page

#This is a personal project.
a commercial web comic site
I don’t want the typical blog kind of websites. I want a page that you can browse for the comic you want and browse it normally. you can select the page you want to read, but cannot copy the page you are reading (even a screenshot will have a watermark) and you can buy your unlimited access for your comic not your comic so it needs to remember the client and all. Is there a way to achieve this? thanks in advance. (themes or stacks)

No clue on most of this, but I do know you can NOT have a watermark appear on a screenshot. Just not possible.

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This might help with protecting images and text from being copied.


Doesn’t stop a screen cap though, nor the ability to browse the files using inspector…


Personally, I think the only way around this is to have all publicly viewable images watermarked and even then, when someone visits after purchase there is nothing stopping them from saving stuff and posting elsewhere anyway… just my opinion…


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I suppose you could watermark the low-res previews that anyone can browse and then sell the originals as a download when they’ve paid?

You could use something like Filesprout to manage the digital downloads and Yuzool’s free stack to integrate that into Rapidweaver -


I remember one site that had all images sliced and other site with a capacity to not showing the image when you try to do a screenshot (that was 2004) I can’t remember the pages now… you are right about the inspector… so, I’ll worry about that later, can you point me to stacks or something to build a nice comic page? thanks