A website page with pdf files - help required please

I am new to Rapidweaver - but have previous experience in using Dreamweaver and iWeb.

I am currently putting together a small website for a cleaning company. I have managed to get the main publicity pages (that anyone can access) working well.

I also want to set up a new page that employed staff members only can access - and have used the “Pagesafe” stack to create this. The user on the public section clicks on the “Staff Only” option - and is presented with the Pagesafe padlock - they enter their password - and the lock opens and gets to the new (currently blank) page.

On this page I want to be able to have a number of pdf documents - e.g. the Employment Agreement, Company Rules and several forms - that the staff member can have access to.

In previous sites I have developed on iWeb, the page contains a list of the documents, with a link - and when the user selects the link the full document appears for the user to read and/or print out.

Can someone please tell me how I can do this with Rapidweaver - on the page that has Pagesafe at the entry point to the page.

Thanks for your assistanc

Add the PDF file to the ‘Resources’ area of Rapidweaver (just drag it in), put the title of the document on the page as text, highlight the text and then make it a link by clicking the link button at the bottom of the RW preview screen.

Choose the appropriate document from the drop-down list that appears in the picker window, and decide if you want to open the document in a new tab.

This is a page on one of my sites that does this, it’s not behind a PageSafe screen, but that won’t make any difference.


I do it like this:

I use an image stack with a thumbnail image as an icon.
I might create this icon by taking a screenshot of the pdf and then reducing it to about 100x150. I then use the image link (built into the stack - in this case Joe Workman’s Foundation Image stack) to set the path to the pdf.
As an alternative you could list your documents in text and then highlight each text as a link and then set the path.

Whilst opening links in a new page is often frowned upon I’d suggest a pdf is a good exception to this.
When setting the link tick the ‘Open in New Window’ box. The custom attributes box will then add a new line for the name and Value.

On this page the product p.d.f. (in this case the different tables) opens the p.d.f. in a new page.

On this page the product p.d.f. (in this case the Golf armchair which is the first product listed) opens the p.d.f. in a lightbox:
I used Will Woodgate’s free ‘Embed’ stack to ‘hold’ the pdf in the lightbox.

Will Woodgate’s Link stack (also free)
is an excellent stack for putting anything into and making an easy link. You can put multiples of stacks in and link the complete contents.

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