Recommendations for RW friendly host with email

I am looking for a RapidWeaver friendly web host and email provider. I currently use IONOS and they are fine, but they removed the FTP ability and their SFTP transfer using RW works about 5% of the time. This really sucks for a number of reasons.

If RW does manage to do a successful publish, I am limited to one stream. (Using Transmit to upload, five streams works fine.)



Thank you. I have reached out to them.

My answer was a bit short :slight_smile:

However, I’ve used Chillidog Hosting for a number of years now and I always recommend them to others. I can be sure that my Rapidweaver sites will work 100% and if there are any issues, support is fantastic.

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Any hoster will work, RW just exports plain HTML and / or PHP.
There’s no magic or specialised hosting required.

Btw. I am with IONOS hosting for over 20 years now, no issues. RW publishing with 6 parallel connections.CleanShot 2022-01-14 at 16.11.43

I have been with 1and1, now IONOS, for 15+ years at least. I have used RW since the first version was released.

I can’t get SFTP to upload consistently and IONOS tech support is literally, “it should just work” and no other help.

Everything was Fine with FTP. With SFTP, my upload fails 9/10 times and will only accept one stream.

Do you mind sharing any other settings? I do not understand why it has changed and IONOS is zero help.

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That’s wierd. As you, I am a long time RW user and with 1&1 / Ionos since 2000. Transmit, CyberDuck, Forklift, RW or any other client (comand line tools, for example) work as expected (I know, it doesn’t help you).

Do you have multiple hosting packages with Ionos where you could try? Some shared hosting packages might cap the number of connections - as they are limited by the SFTP server. Just guessing (I have other deployment targets who limit me to 3 connections, some cheaper Hetzner products, for example.)

With regards to RW connection setup: there’s nothing special:

Me too. No complaints about IONOS. So maybe a client (macOS?) issue?

I’ve been with A2 Hosting for most of my hosting for a couple of years. Their support is impressively fast. Having said that, I’ve heard great things about Chillidog.

Hi Eric, I look forward to working with you. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy help.


@instacks You may be correct. I brought the project file to my iMac at my house to test this out. It appears to be working just fine. Now the question is, how do I figure out what is causing the problem on my work iMac. I just did three for three uploads with five streams and perfect.

Same ISP at both places. The iMac at work is the latest 27" iMac. It had the same problem as now before getting the new iMac. The old iMac was a 2014.

How does one wipe out RW completely and start over? Is that advisable? I plan on getting an M based iMac when they are released later this year. Not sure that makes much of a difference here but it is an option.


try AwardSpace:

Best is that they’re FREE.

I use they are very familiar with Rapidweaver. They have even built there backend to manage servers with Rapidweaver.

I had an issue with sftp working about 10% of the time as well, I called my hosting provider ( ventraip (Australian supplier)) and they gave me a port code to stick on the end of my host example “:2375” and I’ve never had an issue since.

Try finding a great service person with your host and hopefully save heaps of time moving everything…

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