Reconstructing my add-ons folder

HI @willwood I’ve attempted to email you twice but no response, I may be hitting your spam folder.

Can you message me here or email me? I’ve an issue with re-downloading my Seydesign themes and stacks.

Thanks Tommy

The problem is evidently at your end. I have replied to your messages (they did not bounce back to me).

Here is my response again:

Hi Tommy

I am away on vacation currently.

The old e junkie links certainly won’t work anymore. I stopped using that platform in 2014 and I believe Jonathan used something called cart loom for a while.

I am unaware of any problems with I cloud. But I have not been on the forums for over a week now so this might be something that has happened while I have been away.

Has anyone on the forums offered to help you recover your lost data? And if this was a technical fault the responsibility of apple, they should be working to assist you or provide compensation if they were liable for your data loss.

The update window for free theme and stack updates closed in January. If you search the forums for ’ free update window ’ or similar, you will find the post I wrote.

I no longer have any data for past customers, due to the Gdpr data privacy laws. All past data was deleted, as instructed by the EU.

You will either have to buy the new themes you need on the website. Or wait until end of November when they might be on discount for black Friday.

The most I can probably do to help is to send you a disk image of all the old say design themes when I am back at my desk again later next week. Or if it is really urgent, ask on the forums if people can send you older copies of the themes to use.


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This is in response to the message you sent me:

On 7 Sep 2019, at 16:41, Tommy Weir wrote:

Hi Will

I am an old user of many of Seydesign’s themes and addons but all my links are for the old e-junkie files.

Is there a way I can access them now? I’ve been a sorry victim of the recent iCloud Drive fiasco, my RW Add-ons folder was stored there.

I have various email accounts associated with purchases over the years

would be the main ones, but I’m pretty sure most were


Yes, some data loss associated with iCloud drives when on the Catalina Beta, which I looked at a few times on my laptop. I mainly use an iMac and rarely went to it. But two app folders have files with 0 bytes in size, including my RW add-on folder, all my themes, and I owned all of Seydesign’s themes as Adam Merrifield may recall, but it was unreal to lose everything. I can resend an email listing my purchases okay but the ejunkie lists are obviously dead.

I have re-installed all of my plugins and most of my stacks. But the main thing are my themes. I use the Payn theme on our company website and the Aptenon theme on my photography website I really just need access to them.

It’s now impossible for me to update without redoing the whole site for both.

So if my diagnostic tool is correct, you need:

Are those the correct theme versions RW is asking for or you recall last using?

I can confidently say newer versions of these themes will NOT be a simple install and update. You are using very old themes which are likely to be missing newer style, colour and banner settings. You will certainly need older versions of the same, to avoid having to reconfigure everything again from scratch.

Email or DM me if this theme information is correct. I will try to find older versions of these themes for you. Please make sure you are not blocking my email address or requiring me to do sender verification etc.

As a side note, if I may share a little friendly advice, I would urge you to stay well away from any Catalina Betas and always have Time Machine running and backing up your whole computer and all cloud locations. It sounds like you may not be quite proficient enough to know how these Beta versions work or how to take backups. They are intended for high-end developers and IT specialists only. It will be easier for you to just stay clear from anything not on general public release via the Apple app store.

In the meantime, speak with Apple about this problem. I would expect Apple to at least assist you in recovering the lost data. I am not an iCloud subscriber myself, but always assumed Apple took backups of all data uploaded to the cloud? So I’m still unsure how you landed into this predicament of total data loss…

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