Download Links for Purchases

Hi Folks

Just trying to get some information please.

I bought the three premium themes this morning but did not receive a download link following payment. I sent an email to Realmac around midday but have had no response. I was hoping to work on one of the themes today but cannot.

Is there an issue with the purchasing part of the site at the moment?

Thanks in advance

This would be something that @dan can help you with. Tagging him so he’ll see this post.

Thank you Adam.

Hello @dan could you please action this?

Hi @FrankL as long as you put in your email address correctly these would have been emailed to you. Perhaps it landed in your Junk folder?

Also, did you try the order lookup service?

If that doesn’t work for you it means your email was entered incorrectly.

Either way, I’ll msg you right now with download links for the themes so you can get going!


Hi Dan

First place I looked was the spam but nothing there. I did not get a response from the lookup service so I may have made a typo with my original order.

Anyway, problem solved as you have now given me the links. Thank you for that:))

Best wishes


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