Recreate the CSS Background

I’m assuming the background on this site: is CSS. Can someone help point me in the right direction to mimic this? Or, DM me if you wouldn’t mind writing the code and give me an estimate of price.

Looking at it on my iPad, I don’t know what part of the “background” you’re asking about?

There’s just a hero image on top of some blue sections.

It has this blue waffle pattern.

Looks to be just a tiled image:

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You beat me to it. A small image tiled across the page.


Thank you!!

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If anyone needs this, I created a waffle pattern in Logoist and exported as a pdf. It was created at 10x (400x400px) so I can see it.

@Elixir and @Ruyton I appreciate the help.


Cool! You can also check out Subtle Patterns. They have tons of pre-made patterns for future projects, too:


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