Background for webstie not publishing

(Donnie Seib) #1

I have a website I have just started building and I am adding a custom background to all pages and when I instert the code into the CSS section it shows up in preview but when I do a test publish it does not show up.
The pattern I am using is paired with this code:
{background: url(%resource(text1.5.png)%) repeat left top;}
I am using the Stacks 2 plugin and the stripped theme.

Thanks for the help!

(Stuart) #2

Try republishing all files. Mark everything as changed then republish all.

(Donnie Seib) #3

Ill give it a go. Thanks.

(Stuart) #4

Cool. You may wish to consider reducing the size of the images on the page too. I counted three on your home page that are over 500Kb in size and that’s not going to win you any popularity contests with your visitors.

(Donnie Seib) #5

Yeah, those were the pictures that I had on my desktop, I am having new ones taken this week sometime.