Define first sub menu item as main page?

I am trying to find a way to define the first sub menu to be my landing main page.
My theme allows to disable parents of sub menus.
I have 4 menus: intro, products, dev, support.
Each have sub menus.

The page “intro” should never be reached, instead it should default to the first submenu, in my case Intro > welcome
How can I make that first sub page to be the entry point page since the “Intro” main menu will never be clicked.
Any way to default the main site to a specific sub page?
One should land on that page when typing or clicking its logo.

Thanks for any clue.

Hi Steve,
maybe this could help you?

You can add a redirect from the root/main page which triggers a switch to the sub menu page x seconds later.


Optionally, you can also do an immediate redirect in your htaccess file (on your server). Just set your child page (sub menu) path (file name) to anything you wish and in htaccess redirect that page to your home page.

The redirect solution generates flickering and is not something I want.
I have to check whether I can tweak the .htaccess file.
Otherwise, I’ll just double the main page with the first sub menu one.
But I’m surprised to be the only one with that request… so many sites have an entry point into the first submenu section.

Thanks anyway.

I am currently rewriting the Redirect Stack to be PHP based, an update should be out today and will be send free to all purchasers of the stack.

The PHP Version will not generate flickering (but requires obviously PHP).


Sounds good :slight_smile:

I get no flicker at all… it a simple 301 re-direct so there so be no flicker. I’m referring to using the Redirect PAGE… not stack. And if I put the actual path I want to redirect to in the “offsite options” panel with “Use Redirect Page” OFF. If a parent page then no htaccess redirect is even needed. But if a child page the “offsite options” path (redirect) doesn’t work and the redirect is needed. At least, that’s how mine works.

The inbuilt offsite page in RW is not performing a correct 301 redirect. Such a redirect is only trigger-able with a server side request.

Therefore: The today updated Redirect Stack 2 is now using a PHP redirect, which will send the correct HTTP status code to the client. With that, you won’t loose any SEO Page Rank.

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Instant purchase :+1:

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