Small friendly webhost recommendation for RW site?

(David Walsh) #1

I’m on the scout for a webhost for an upcoming project and ideally this would be with a company that has a ‘non-corporate’ approach to support. The client is not fond of call queuing, ticketed email systems and robotic customer service ( or as is the case with a few non or poor service ) so I was hoping there might be still one or two smaller hosts that offer a more human approach. Would be glad of your recommendations please. Thanks.

(Jason Bostick) #2 is very well-regarded around here. It’s a small company and very Rapidweaver friendly. The owner is on these forums ( @barchard ) and is very accessible

(Jason Bostick) #3

I said ‘very’ far too many times.

(David Walsh) #4

You\re very kind. Thanks Jason.

(Gregory Barchard) #5

Ba bop beep. How can I help human? :robot:

Just kidding :slight_smile: thanks for the kind words @jabostick

How can I help? I’d be happy to discuss your hosting needs. Migrations are also free for new users so I’ll do the heaby lifting to make things as smooth as possible.


(David Walsh) #6

Thanks Gregory. Your sensors are working well…
Will hope to follow up before too long.

(Wendy) #7

I would second chillidoghosting. Greg is awesome - I am mostly a complete amateur but he always helps me through every problem, even if it is totally a beginner step. Highly recommend!!

(Joel Fletcher) #8

I will vouch for Chillidog as well. I’m very pleased with Greg’s customer service.

(E) #9

Chillidog Hosting. No need to look anywhere else.

(Rob Beattie) #10

Moved another site to Chillidog today.

(Gregory Barchard) #11

10-4. I look forward to your email. Just send it to


(Nigel) #12

Chilli for the win! If you are silly enough to add an extra to your new hosting package then Greg will sort that quickly for you… no drama and even checked to make sure no files were going to be lost.

Great attention to details and always helpful.

(Colin) #13

Just picked up on this thread. For small sites (prior to retiring!) I always used – a friendly and personal host provider. But don’t be afraid of bigger hosts. I use Fasthosts ( for my main site (not extensive by any means) and I have found its support (rarely needed) exceptionally fast and friendly.

(David Walsh) #14

Thanks for this Colin.

(Yabdab) #15

(John Scrip / MASSIVE Mastering LLC) #16

Not exactly “small” but I’ve had very good luck with Bluehost (.com) for a good bunch of years and a number of sites. US based customer service peeps (geeks), rarely a wait on the phone.

(Karen) #17

I second that. Bluehost has been very helpful. Never have to wait for chat or phone if there is a problem or questions.

(Andreas Belivanakis) #18

Most recommendations involve hosts that use cPanel. I happen to dislike cPanel and much prefer DirectAdmin as a control panel, because it is fast, easy and has a cleaner interface.

The DirectAdmin-based web host I’ve been using for about a year, and have been VERY happy with (for a change), is Woktron. It’s a couple of Dutch guys in France, very professional, very responsive, and extremely knowledgable. Their servers are fast, too. Woktron offers shared as well as VPS hosting, for individuals or resellers.

Yes, you need to open tickets for support, but the process is easy (not a nightmare as it was with HostPC/Turnkey-Internet) and the response is consistently quick and effective, not the common brush-him-off-with-a-canned-irrelevant response that is the norm for lots of other hosts.

Woktron is highly recommended, by someone who has been burned by the likes of Little Oak, Fazewire, and HostPC/Turnkey-Internet in the past.

(Kenny White) #19

I agree with @jabostick - I can only recommend one web host & that is Chillidog. Great service; flawless communication.

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