[REMOVED] Episode 15 - AWESOME

Thank you @dan & @ben for bringing Gold members Podcasts! The interview with Greg Burchard @goinup was excellent. Nice to get some developer insight. Some feedback…

Would be nice to have a private/subscription based Podcast channel in iTunes so that we can rate and save the Podcasts for future revisiting.

Also, if maintaining the current way, a ring system and Like feature would be awesome as well.

Thanks Guys!

Pretty sure that the podcasts are for everyone. Not just Gold members. I will be on this week’s podcast :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately Apple doesn’t offer this… But we’ll have a look at alternative ways to make them playable elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Hi @joeworkman, nope, Episode 15 had a public preview (short sampler) but a complete private (hidden) episode for subscription members that prompts user for a subscription purchase to listen to (when logged out).


@nikf, Google (YouTube) does it :wink:


Learn something new everyday…

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Glad you liked it. Thanks @dan and @nikf for having me on. Hopefully get to do it again sometime :slight_smile:

H’mmm - was quite enjoying listening to the Realmac Podcasts UNTIL TODAY, when I discovered that I would have to pay for Episode 15 - and presumably beyond. Not sure this is a good move for Realmac as, at the very least, the Podcasts get one up-to-date with the development & hence future delights.

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Nope! The regular weekly episodes, released every Thursday, are free and always will be.

However, we will have some extra podcasts (like episode 15) only available for subscribers.

So don’t worry, the normal show will be back as usual this Thursday :slight_smile:

@ben Ah, so I was a bit ‘previous’ trying to tune into Episode 15. Look forward to Thursday’s Podcast. I’m even contemplating subscribing. trouble with the Premium Version (methinks) is that I’ve probably already purchased anything new worth having for free.

There are 2 levels of Premium Plans…

  1. Silver - $10/mth, includes:
  • all Video Tutorials to watch and/or download
  1. Gold - $25/Mth, includes:
  • all Video Tutorials to watch and/or download
  • Currently 10 free downloads ($249 Value) from themes to plugins to stacks (More hopefully coming)
  • Priority Support - not sure on time to respond but anything I have sent has been resolved same day
  • Extra Podcast Episodes (1) so far, but was exciting from a Developers Point of View, very good interview.
  • Exclusive Discounts (Coming Soon)

For me, the Gold Plan was the best choice, given that I am relatively new to RapidWeaver, the video tutorials have been awesome, the freebies didn’t hurt for sure even though as like you, I had purchased some prior. The extra Podcasts we shall have to wait and see but so far so good. Priority Support is where I think this is a win (along with the video’s) for me. Mind you, the support is for RapidWeaver, and anything Realmac RapidWeaver created.

A good value for me even without the freebies. As an aside though, receiving the freebies is a good way for developers to get us users into their products, to let us into their world of products and to see how well one of their items fits into our design capabilities and consider future purchases.

Just my 2 pence :wink:

We’ve decided to remove this episode for now as it’s causing too much confusion among listeners.

We will have a new dedicated podcast and section on the RapidWeaver Community site for these bonus episodes within the next few days.

The RapidWeaver Show will continue to be free, and released every Thursday as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we think keeping these separate now makes more sense.


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I’ve just updated the site with a new Subscriber Podcasts section. The first episode is the interview with Greg Barchard from Chilidog Software.

I’ve posted more about this on this thread Exclusive Podcasts


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I wonder if I’ll be able to listen to your comments Joe, or will be be another ‘Gold Subscription’ premium podcast that I won’t be able to access? You will just have to give us a summary in one of the hangouts.


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