Subscription members forum

@dan, @ben @nikf… do you think that a private forum for Gold and other paying members of the community would be in order?

Secondly, an email saying that there are new Gold freebies would be nice and it is reassuring that developers are coming on board with the gold membership. Would be awesome if every developer would submit a GOLD freebie so that we can sample their work before committing to other purchases from the developer.

Thirdly, perhaps make it more clear if the freebie will have free updates or perhaps a warning that future updates may be paid updates.

Lastly, having the Gold membership has been extremely useful to me, I cannot recommend it enough. Free stuff, private podcasts, priority support… well thought out guys!

Just random thoughts :wink:


I’m not sure… It’s something we could discuss internally though.

This is in the works!

It sure would be awesome :wink:

Awesome to hear. Really happy you’re enjoying the content :smiley:

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Why have a subscription forum? We pay enough of our hard earned dosh to purchase RW and piles of add on goodies (some brilliant, some not so brilliant). Surely paying for the goodies in the first place is enough. Adding perceived exclusiveness to my mind isn’t the way forward, especially for those who aren’t quite as flush as others.
If you want people to use your products then don’t charge them twice for the privilege!!
Just my thoughts.


Hi @mike_hamilton Mike

Not what was meant, meant that as Silver or Gold subscribers, they could have a private forum category to discuss things like subscription video’s, subscription podcasts, etc. so as to not upset non-subscription members.


I have been pondering this for a while now…

Every company has its reasons for doing the things it does, and primarily that is, to use a modern term, “monetize” everything it can.

So, to that end, having several levels of services makes sense - from free to well-monetized. :wink:

And as a business owner, I can understand that too.

However, as a user, and a pinched business owner, who wishes he had the funds to subscribe to the better services, I’ll just have to sit on my hands until I can afford it, and grumble to myself until I can. :wink: So, from that perspective, 'tis not so much a good thing - especially if premium services means I miss out on a competitive edge or knowledge that can’t get gleaned any other way.

Ah, money, that crappy thing that puts us all in our places…