Renaming Partials & Images

(Tom Turowski) #1

Is there any way to rename partials or images. Presently I’m created a hard copy cheat.

(Tom Turowski) #2

Sorry, just stumbled on how to rename partials. However I can’t seem to rename images in the library. Also when I reuse an image it creates a copy in the library. This feature seems like overkill to me. Do I have to keep all the copies? Is there any way to eliminate them?

Thanks, Tom

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #3

Try double clicking on the image and see if that allows you to edit the name. As far as adding images and they go in the library, that is only on a per project basis, meaning, if you start a new project, those images will not be in the library, same thing applies to partials.