Replaced images won't upload

Hi guys, have been using Rapidweaver for several years and all up to date with everything. In the last few weeks this has been happening and I’m at a loss to understand why… (Using @joeworkman Foundation) On some of my websites I regularly change images, so what I have always done using the ‘image’ stack in foundation is to ‘clear’ the image and then replace it with the new one (same size but different file name). I then upload the changes and the old image just sits there even with the new image showing in preview. I have tried deleting the website, re-publishing all files, marking all files as changed etc but no good. The only way I can do this now is to delete the relevant ‘image’ stack and add a new one having to re-key in all the configuration etc.
Is it just me or has anyone else come across this?.. Thanks Andy

Chances are it’s just browser cache. Did you validate the the new image is on the server? Try a different browser? Republish All Files?

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Hi @joeworkman , thanks for getting back, I’ve tried and done all those suggestions but no luck. I even phoned someone I know in their office and asked them to look at the website as they wouldn’t have any previous browser cache and they still saw the old image and not the one that was showing in the image stack. It never happened before and only started on the last two or so Rapidweaver updates but at least I know I have to replace the stack completely to make it work as opposed to just swapping out the image.

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