Use RW with my existing web page?

Hi, I just switched from PC to a Mac OS Sierra. I had a clunky but functional WYSIWYG program but it doesn’t work with Mac. So I have a web page already and didn’t really want to change the whole site. Currently I have a CSS based site, and don’t use a template. Can I continue to use the same CSS for my site if I buy RapidWeaver? Or do I have to use one of the templates provided and change my current look? Thanks for any insight.

Janice - welcome to the world of RapidWeaver, and Macs!

Although you may be able to bring the text, images (by copying and pasting them) and some of the layout to RW, it’s entirely its own system and it’s not possible to ‘import’ any code from other sites.

When you say a ‘web page’, if you do mean just one single page, it won’t take you more than an hour or two to build an equivalent in RW… certainly less time than trying to ‘convert’ it.

Once you’ve made the jump, though - perhaps following one of the many Getting Started ‘courses’ available - I think you’ll find RW a flexible, robust and well-supported tool to become familiar with. Good luck - and do share your results here, please :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, I have about 20 pages now, but I think it is time for an update anyway so I’m now committed to redoing the whole site. Thanks for the link to the video. I’m excited about developing this ‘new’ website with RW! This website is for my family history/genealogy, which is my passion. Cheers,

Welcome, Janice!

Plenty of good folk here to help you if you need it. Good luck!

Hey Janice,

Welcome to the community. Would you be able to provide a url to your current site?

We might be able to provide some more specific solutions if we can see what it is that you are working with.



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Hi Brandon,
Thanks for looking at this for me. Here is my page

I like the idea of static links and some kind of logo or banner because
mainly old people visit and I want them to see the links without having to
click an icon; they would never find them.
I also like the little snail as for me it signifies the slow but sure pace
of the genealogy journey.

I’m open to any suggestions for templates. I couldn’t find one that had
static links and a banner that also had a sidebar and a nice wide page


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You can certainly reproduce that site in RW including the background and snail. The easiest way to do this would be by using stacks. Do you already own Stacks 3 made by YourHead software?

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You could make a very nice genealogy site with Rapidweaver. Here’s an old one I made a few years ago that - although not responsive - still does a job. This is using the L’Amour theme from Nick Cates.


Thanks, I just bought Stacks 3, and have been playing around with it. I’m still in the process of watching all the videos for RW. I still have to use a template, correct? I’d rather just use my css and make my own page as I can’t find a free template that will let me make the page similar to what I already had. Is there a way to not use a template?
Thanks for everyone’s help.


Since RW is template (theme) based, it’s not really designed for that. The closest you can get is to use a blank theme. There are several of these - for example this - which allow you to use HTML and CSS to style your own pages.

Alternatively, there’s also the Foundation theme which although designed to be used with Stacks can also be used with code as described on that page.



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