Reponsive Theme, Old Artwork from Legacy Theme

Is there any way to use an old design style, maybe by copying a header image into a responsive theme so that I can make the site owner happy (She loves the ‘look’ of her old site and ‘wants’ the modern responsive functionality.) How do I marry the two?

Absolutely, if it’s just a question of re-using an image, that would be no problem at all.

Have you got a responsive theme in mind? If not, gives the URL of your current site and people here may be able to suggest something suitable - especially if you can indicate which if the visual elements you’re keen to transfer across.


The client loves the color and the flower image … have tried for several years to update them and have lost the battle until now that responsive is the desired feature (along with those colors and flower!)


I’m sure you could re-create the theme using one of the freeform themes like Foundation or Foundry but that would be - relatively - expensive and possibly time consuming.

Depending on the budget, if it were me, I’d try and convince the client that if they want the site to be responsive (and they do) then you need to give it a solid re-design using a responsive theme. You can match the existing colour scheme and fonts and find a nice new sunflower to preserve continuity with the old site; and pick a theme with vertical navigation.

That would hark back to the existing site while giving them the responsive site they’re after.