"Help Me Find a Responsive Theme

I have a personal web page that I’ve used so long that I don’t wan to give it up, but it is not “responsive.” It is heavily “tabbed.” I need some suggestions for a “responsive” theme that will replace my old theme with the least amount of rework. Nearly everything is stacks. Thanks for any suggestions!

Take a look at the Realmac Community Addons Site (specifically Themes), there are lots of choices there. Of course, since I work for Joe, I would naturally steer you to Foundation, but it sounds like you want the least amount of work, and that might be a little too much. I would also suggest you to look at the Realmac Community Gallery site, as it will show you some of the sites that others have made with different themes. A very good resource.

Good luck in your choice!!

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If you give us a URL for your site, it’ll be easier to offer suggestions.

Sorry! I did mean to include the URL to my site: http://www.raymack.com.

Zebee, as a matter of fact I purchased Foundation, but have never quite figured out how it can help my situation, i.e., moving an existing site into Foundation. Can you explain?

If you want to mimic what’s already there, I’d suggest Themeflood’s Media theme is pretty close.

You can check it out here - https://themeflood.com/media/

The developer also provides trial versions of all his themes so you can have a go and see for yourself before buying it.


I would suggest you start by watching these videos
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

If you have other questions, it might be good to ask them on Joe’s support. Send an email to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net

zeebe, I’ve watched these video’s and actually started building with foundation. However, it appears I would have to re-create every page of my existing website, correct? That is a deal breaker ton of work!

Yes and no, you can use the content of the pages as is, but you would need to add things like site styles and topbar for styling and menus

Ok, zebee, I’ll revisit Foundation and try applying it to my existing site. Thanks for your suggestions!