Seeking simple, yet responsive theme

Hey RW-ers.

One of my sites has a simple default theme (menu items across the top, text starts at the top of the site )

Trouble is the basic themes are not responsive, so I just get a tiny version of the site on a phone or tablet. I’d love to get a responsive theme, but it seems all the themes that I see out there (including those I own) love to be graphic heavy, with a big chunk of the front page dedicated to images or motion. More than I need for this site. I’m looking for a responsive theme that is still ‘basic’. Anyone have a favorite site/theme that might fit the bill?


  • John Mc

I think you’ll find many very good possibilities of a ‘basic’ type theme at Will Woodgate’s Themeflood @willwood Some of them are free/donation. I believe they are all responsive.

Also worth noting that on many if not most of the themes, the banner can be turned off entirely.


Try this one


I agree with the others. Although I use Foundation 6 almost exclusively these days, I’ve always recommended @willwood’s themeflood themes for those who want a simple life. They’re well-designed and just work.


“Blank” theme from themeflood works well for me. Comes with some nice features such as support for Font Awesome plus more… Using “Blank” you can basically design your own theme as simple or complex as you like. Also make sure you are using best “responsive” stacks (assuming you are using Stacks).


Thanks everyone - some good pointers. I’ll download and play with these themes and see what I can come up with. Thanks!


Finally got to this and transferred the web site to the Bootstrap theme. Thanks again for everyone’s suggestion.

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