Reported issues with unminified JavaScript and CSS files

I know this topic was touched on in 2016 with RW6, but wanted to know if anything has changed in 2019 with RW8.2 (20740). Yes, this is a beta, however, both this beta and the RW8-RTM share the exact same issues…

Although I have enabled ‘Consolidate CSS Files’ and ‘Minify CSS and Javascript’ in advanced settings, I am continually warned (By of issues regarding unminified Javascript/CSS files and uncompressed Javascript/CSS files. My web host has compression enabled automatically as well.

I have not received any errors or warnings from RW and have received no other reason to be concerned about my published page.

Without a URL to the site it would be difficult to get help here. There’s a ton of these “SEO tools” that report errors that don’t exist.

You could try some other simple “page speed test tools:

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