SEO Problem with site

Hi guys,

I’m running optimization tests on my website… finding all kinds of problems that are mostly fixable. But something I am seeing the following on all tests results eludes me…

  1. “Need to combine all scripts into a single script and similarly combining all CSS into a single stylesheet”
  2. “Need to minify JavaScript and CSS”

In RW 7, there are no options (that I have seen) for consolidating scripts or CSS, and no option to create or manage a separate CSS or JS stylesheet.

Running a Foundation site.All software, stacks, are up to date.

Hi Matthew,

you’ll find everything here:


Thanks @jakobssystems
Darn, I was hoping to see that I didn’t have those checked. But I already do. So the fact that three different SEO and website performance test sites mention this as a problem, is concerning.

I wonder if I just have old versions stylesheets laying around on the web hosting server? That is possible since RW seems pretty terrible at cleaning out old files, especially if I have changed the directory of existing files.

Hmmmm… any other thoughts are greatly appreciated.

RW will minify javascript & CSS if checked, but it will not combine multiple Javascript or CSS files into a single file. Stacks will produce files, the theme will produce files for both the sitewide and page. Old files unless the are referenced in the HTML should have no effect.

I wouldn’t trust so-called SEO and optimizing tools or websites. Keep in mind they just want to sell… Dan and Ben discussed this in their RW podcast often. IMHO the best technique is to create descriptive, responsive, secure and deep-linked websites. A couple of landingsites each with describing domainnames will help too. And then spread your sites everywhere in social media and other websites.

Couple of years ago, I tried to monitor everything. Turned on Google Analytics and Gosquared. Today I tend to turn off everything because of tracking and privacy concerns.