RESOLVED: Is there a way to change the vertical distance between images in an Armadillo blog?


I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this, as i don’t know anything (almost) about CSS etc.

When I add several images in an Armadillo blog post, there is a vertical distance between the images. I would prefer to have no vertical distance at all. I know that it can be depending on the theme I’m using, but is it possible to change this in the CSS somewhere, preferably in Armadillo?

Here is a link to a blog post with the distance between the images I don’t want to have:

The theme is Michael David Design´s Endeavor.

I’m sorry that the web page is in Swedish, but you will see what I mean.


Whenever you ask for help with CSS it’s best to provide a URL to a live page. It’s difficult for people to provide help without that. They have to recreate the environment (Theme, Armadillo, etc) to help.

Thanks. Sounds reasonable.

I have now edited my post and added a link.

You can try this CSS:

.blog-entry-body img {
   padding-bottom: 0;

It works! There is still some small distance but I have also added 2 px white space in the top of those images, so that is easily changed.

Thanks a lot, Doug!

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