Armadillo transparent text SOLVED

I am trying to get the Armadillo stack transparent. I tried El-tinto and Freestack Transparent but no succes. Anyone an idea?

I didn’t think that Armadillo added any BG colour. Sounds like you have something else that is adding a colour to the page that needs to be addressed. If you are not aware, Jonathan at Nimblehost does some great videos showing how to change the styling in Armadillo and they are possibly the best introduction to modifying pages using CSS. If you watch those videos you will learn a great deal and be able to determine what is adding the colour under your Armadillo stack.

It is solved. I forgot to disable the background of RWML stack.

@conger can you please provide a link or address for the Armadillo CDs videos. I can only find his excellent 3 part general CDs videos. I would like to add some space and possibly a divider line between blog posts in Armadillo.


Regarding divider between blog posts try this:

Distance and divider after blog entries */
.blog-entry-body { margin-bottom: 34px; }
.blog-entry { border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-width: 1px; margin-bottom: 24px; }

/* Distance after date */
.blog-entry-date { margin-bottom: 0px; }

/* Distance after post-title */ { margin-bottom: 0; }


Is not mine, was published in the forum before but unfortunately can’t remember who did it, sorry.


@peppermint thanks so much for the css. I missed that earlier post with it.