Resonsive design form builder without php

I’m looking for a formbuilder stack or plugin that can create “fancy” responsive forms like formLoom. BUT without any PHP. Actually building a form with form elements, .CSS and .js Actually I purchsed formLoom before I relaized it needs PHP.
The form submission itself will be coded by myself (coldfudion).

I’ve find some nice online tools doing it, but they’re all services where they also want to handle the submissions as a service.

Thankful for any hints!
Kind Regards

Hi Jörgen,
You need server side code for writing the email (I guess that is what the form should do at the end) -> e.g. PHP.
Cheers, Jannis

Well, as I wrote; I’ll code the server side handling myself (with cold fusion).
What I really only need is the responsive form layout, nice CSS and possible needed .js

I did a short attempt to strip out the PHP from the formLoom code…
But that will just be to complicated.

And b.t.w. can anyone tell me why the search for stacks dealing with forms outputs a result of zero? Not even the formLoom shows up.

Kind regards

My form stacks that are in Foundation support custom POST URLs. This way you simply post the form to whatever server/script that you want.

Hi Joe

Is it possible to see a foundation form in action?
Are things like datepicker etc. included?

You can see more info about the available form fields at…

It does not have a date picker at this time. However, you can validate that a proper data format was entered into a text input.

Hi Joe

Thank you for your kind support.
My forms are rather complex and the foundation form fields do not fully meet my needs.

Kind regards / Jörgen

Take a custom bootstrap form. If you are able to code the backend, then this should not be a problem for you.

If you want to stay with a Rapidweaver product, then I’d first highly recommend checking out Joe’s Foundation theme. The theme is rock-solid, fast, and comes with all the stacks you’d need (the extra packs 1 & 2 are flat-out awesome, but you don’t need them to build a site). On top of that, Joe’s customer support is stellar.

I feel for you- having to work with (I assume) I built many a form using FormLoom and then had to strip out the PHP, and then compile the code to make the form work with ASP. Doing it once per form wasn’t too bad…but when changes to the fields was required, it was a nightmare. Everything had to be saved to an Access db, plus the recipient needed an auto-reply. I was never so happy as the day my boss called me in to say that they were putting PHP on my IIS server.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy a cheap hosting plan with a third party and host just the forms on that server. I’d then build them using MachForm - a super easy form builder that is beautiful, generates gorgeous replies, and should fields be added or deleted, no touching of any db is required (beyond the initial set-up…and, if that’s not your thing, the developer of MachForms is happy to log into your account and set it up…for FREE). Since you can’t run PHP on your server, you could use the popup method for generating the forms…and just link to it using a button.

You can see one of my forms that uses a button-link here Oh, and notice how the patient must select a center to be seen in? Based on that field, the submission automatically goes to different people.



Hi instacks

Thank you for that hint. I have downloaded the Bootstrap package and will have a look at it.
I do understand coding quite a bit, but sometimes simply to lazy to dig into the responsive thing.

This very project is actually only a redesign of an existing project. Many forms and a lot of content. Therefore my idea was to use rapidWeaver for the layout and then fill/feed the interface with content that is already existing in the DB.

Hi Dave

Thank you for the comprehensive answer. I know there are many nice tools out there for building both forms and sites.

This very particular project however is an existing project that will be redisigned to be responsive. All content and a lot of forms, slideshows etc. are already done. And the front end and back end was written by me some years ago. Therefore we will need to keep it with cold fusion since the DB is on that server.
I’m one of these old coders that started with cold fusion before PHP went popular…

I will check instacks idea with bootstrap. I’m also waiting for an reply from the developer of super form if that stack can be used without PHP. Reading the specs, it seems as if it could be what I need.

Searching for stacks seems to be more then then a pain…
The search function seems to is very bad - if working at all? Above that, I have the impression that the feautured stacks shows up in a new order each time I visit the page…

I found this program:
The demo version seems to be quite limited. I have dropped the developer some questions. I need lacalisation: german months, days etc. and also monday as the first day of the week.

Finally, I will probaly purchase Joe’s Foundation too. It seems to be very flexible and pretty advanced :slight_smile:

Hi Joe

Foundation really looks great and probably very handy and flexible. I understand quite a bit of coding and it seems to as if the frame work is also open for own customizing.

One question on the field validation of date: is it possible to choose between different date formats?


@jastroem you can provide your own custom regex for the validation if the default one does not do what you like.