Using plugins with Foundation/Foundry?ULkit?

If I were to look at buying one of the free for all themes, can I still uses plugins like Formloom and Rapidcart? I’m assuming so as Stacks is after all, a plug-in.

Any examples I could have a look at?

Yes - I mean framework. I actually meant to write free-form. I can’t actually remember writing the post properly…

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you have a framework like foundation, how do you want to build eg the navigation bar inside a plugin, without the possibility to use stacks on that plugin page.

Try to use the build in plugin blog in Foundation, and you will see what I mean.

Different for RapidCart: AFAIK there are dedicated stacks available pulling the store information onto a stacks page.

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Hi Jannis, Formloom has that same function, so I assume it would work in the same way.

You can use pretty well any stack with Foundation but you won’t get the full advantage of the framework if you use non-foundation stacks where Foundation stacks exist because the Foundation stacks build on what is built into the theme in a very efficient manner.

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Yes, every plugin, which also ships dedicated stacks for the purpose of using the plugin on a Stacks page, should work.


Hi Peter, does either the Foundation or Foundry contact forms allow saving to SQL databases or Goole Sheets at all? The Formloom plug in can collect that data, which is very useful.

Yes, the Foundation form can save to MySQL. It has a pretty comprehensive feature set. I don’t have Foundry so I can’t tell you about that.

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