Best Form builder stack no PHP

Hi gang! I have a client that wants a responsive web form in HTML/CSS only. No PHP. They need the files to send to another developer so… any ideas? All my form stacks rely on php.

Why no PHP? You’re not able to run a self hosted form without it.

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They specifically ask for no PHP so their dev will work on the scripts. They just want the html/css files of the responsive form


I own that stack but this client need radio buttons, selection option, etc etc I’m going to see if I can use Foundation 1 and build a page with all the form stacks included but I don’t know if I can make it non php…

You need a form with a custom action a option. I think Foundation has this option.

Might this get you part way there?

Or this?

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My Foundation 6 forms allow you to make a custom POST request. This means that their devs can build the backend processing anyway that they want, in any language that they want. They just give you a URL that you will send the POST request to.


If you teach me how to achieve that, I’ll do it. I bought F6 but as I mentioned before I don’t even know how to start with it. That’s why I still use F1 for all my projects. I freaking love F1 man. So, please… at least tell me how to do that and maybe I get an idea on how to work with F6. Believe me, I’ve been watching your tutorials hundred of times and I don’t comprehend the processes yet

FormSnap, for example, is a pure front end stack collection and allows posting the form data to a given url, that’s the URL you need to know (or change later) to send your data to the devs you mentioned in your post.

I don’t know Joes Foundation in detail, but I am pretty sure his stacks have a similar setting somewhere.


That’s awesome. You mean I can export the html/css files as they want?

Pretty simple…

If you’re asked to create a form only, I would do a single page project and export the files using the Export function. That’s it.

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I think that’s exactly what they want

What URL I need to paste there?

Ask your dev.



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