Site Image problems

Some annoying things are happening with Site Images.

  • Dragging images from the resources folder, or from the finder, onto a page and they appear fine in edit mode, but in preview and in print to safari mode the image is replaced by the missing image icon [?]
  • In another project, dragging some images from resources into a page works, other images don’t.
  • The site images on one page I was editing had worked fine, now two hours later the same site images are being replaced by the missing image icon.
    Any clues as to what’s going on would be very helpful.

I think I’ve got it sorted - at least in terms of fixing the problem on one project.
I created another folder - Christmas images - in resources and dragged some of the images into this folder.
These were the images I was adding to my project and not being able to get them to appear in preview mode or in print to safari.
I dragged them out of the new folder and back into the main resources folder. Now they work fine.
But I wonder why it seems I can’t use images in a subfolder of the resources folder.

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