%resource not working to root

In RW 6 I want to change the header picture in theme Veerle. In setting/code/CSS I wrote url(%resource(filename.jpg)%);
On the website in rw_common/themes/Veerle/consolidated-67.css it is translated to
This doesn’t work. If I change the css code in rapid weaver to
url(…/…/…/resources/filename.jpg) it is working well on the webiste. Obviously in Rapidweaver I don’t see the new header.

My site is hesterdijkstra.nl and is hosted on vandenzen.nl in subdirectory public_html/users/hester/portfolio.
Is this the intended behavior of the %resource function in RW 6?


With this code in CSS, it works. The image must be placed in Resources.
You can change position to center, top or bottom, left top, left bottom … etc…

#siteHeader { background-image: url(%resource(your_image.jpeg)%); background-position: center; background-size: cover; }

It is translated in the source code like this.
… and in the CSS … it’s ok!