%resource not working to root

(Hester Dijkstra) #1

In RW 6 I want to change the header picture in theme Veerle. In setting/code/CSS I wrote url(%resource(filename.jpg)%);
On the website in rw_common/themes/Veerle/consolidated-67.css it is translated to
This doesn’t work. If I change the css code in rapid weaver to
url(…/…/…/resources/filename.jpg) it is working well on the webiste. Obviously in Rapidweaver I don’t see the new header.

My site is hesterdijkstra.nl and is hosted on vandenzen.nl in subdirectory public_html/users/hester/portfolio.
Is this the intended behavior of the %resource function in RW 6?

(Oscar Schmid) #2


With this code in CSS, it works. The image must be placed in Resources.
You can change position to center, top or bottom, left top, left bottom … etc…

#siteHeader { background-image: url(%resource(your_image.jpeg)%); background-position: center; background-size: cover; }

Changing Theme Images
(Oscar Schmid) #3

It is translated in the source code like this.
… and in the CSS … it’s ok!