RW 8.2.1 Global Code/CSS not working for background image

I am trying the 8.2.1 upgrade and my site background image is no longer working.

In version 8.0 I had the following code in the global Code/CSS entry:
#feature { background: url(%resource(mybackground.jpg)%) no-repeat center; background-size: cover; }

This no longer works in 8.2.1.

However, in v8.2.1 if I use that same CSS in individual page HTML Code/CSS entry it works for that page.

Did you republish all from the file menu?
Have a url?

This is happening in the designer/app. The old version 8.0 showed the header image correctly in the app (ie. eyeball mode) and simulate window.

does mybackground.jpg actually exist in the resources?

Yes, it does.

Another problem I’m having with 8.2.1 is a very frequent unable to save error “file locked”. I save the project with a different name and it’s ok until I make another change…

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