RW Resources - Bugs or how are Resources expected to work?

A new feature was added in RW7.5 nearly 3 months ago - “Added support for remote (warehoused) resources” but I can’t find any documentation. Can anyone point me to the documentation for this?

I see that if I drag an image into Resources and right click on the image, there is a Copy URL. If the Site Settings Web Address is set to a URL, then the Copy URL works correctly. All good so far.

However, if no Site URL is setup, the Copy URL is not set to the relative path, but is set to http://resources/image.png. Is this a bug or a “feature” by design? Why is it not set to /resources/image.png ?

If you click on the image in resources, it is given the bizarre URL of http://resources/image.png

Trying to add the same image as a resource using the Resource feature in a link box , creates the URL resources/image.png which does not work. It seems that the initial / is left off when examining the code.

Also if you rename an image in resources, the URL is not updated with the name change. See:

Using RW7.5.4, OSX 10.12.6 Stacks 3.55



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