Resources in RW8

I feel the whole issue of Resources needs looking at closely by the Realmac team, there seem to be a number of issues:

Existing resources
I copied and renamed a project, stripped out 90% of the pages to repurpose for a sub-domain. I was rather surprised to find out that there is no way of clearing all the resources out with a ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete’. Having finally deleted each of the 90 items one by one, I noticed that they were still present in the project file and uploading to the site.

Missing Media Browser in RW8
Media Browser was missing for much of RW7, so I was delighted when it reappeared a few months back. Now we have RW8 and again it is missing - do we really have to go back to the old Finder juggle?

@instacks made a heroic effort to find a workaround, but can we simply have the previous RW7 solution back please?

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RapidWeaver does not delete anything on your server. It’s non-destructive (for many good reasons).

Is that what you were hoping for by deleting Resources from your RapidWeaver project? Or something else?

For the server that makes perfect sense - in the Resources folder within RW, the inability to delete multiple files makes no sense and creates unneccesary work.


I think he means in the actual RW resource folder. I’ve not yet explored this, but as a photographer, I can see this would be a big PITA to do if I wanted to delete resources in a huge folder of files.

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Been meaning to send this is as a feature request.

RW’s resources folder is less functional than before as you can no longer do easy multiple item deletions. Only workaround I’ve found is to make a new folder within the resources folder, move the items you want to delete, then delete the previously created folder.

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Thanks Lisa, absolutely correct. In fact more so as I realise that when I added a folder of images to the Resources Folder (assuming it worked like the original media browser) they were uploaded to the site. Subsequent deleting of that folder by FTP was not sufficient, as each individual image (inc some unwanted 200Mb PSD files) was then added back in as an individual resource and synced back to the RW file, despite the folder being deleted. Really not how I expect Resources to work.

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You would need to delete any resources from RW directly then republish - I’d do a Republish All Files to overwrite any existing files.

Thanks. I did that immediately Aaron. There is something else at play here too. 2 separate issues I suspect.

Appreciate the quick reply, thanks.

Thanks for the reports, all. Selecting multiple resources at once is on our roadmap to be sorted soon :slight_smile:


I think the new approach to Resources is bordering on unusable. Deleting unused resources is now much harder, especially not being able to delete multiple resources. I cannot, as before, reorder the resources – the latest additions simply go to the bottom of the list. What makes it even worse, the folder has populated itself with all sorts of extraneous files that are used in the project, such as custom banner files, that previously were not there; in some cases there are dozens of copies of the same file. This makes the popup menu (Link > Resources) extremely unwieldy. I would dearly love to have the simple method back that we had before; failing that I may have to stop using it altogether and just use URLs pointing to my own resource folder instead. Own goal, RW!


Hey Jeffrey! Thanks for your feedback. We want to make RW the best tool you’ll ever use, so we truly appreciate your feedback. We’re revisiting the Resources area and how we can make it more efficient.

Keep building those awesome RW sites! :slight_smile:


How to select and delete multiple files in Resources? Why to do work with this folder so uncomfortable?

I’m pleased to see it’s not just me who’s irritated by the new resources functions, why “fix” something that’s not broken?

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