RW 8.1 lost resources

All of my resources in RW8.1 projects have a question mark. RW seems to have lost access to these files. Never had this problem in RW7. Don’t know how to fix this and I have a lot of resources.


This sandboxing in RW8 is very confusing. I keep getting a message " This document uses files in multiple locations that RapidWeaver is unable to access". Get into a loop when I try to point files to the “home” directory. Very confusing. Why did RW change everything. The program is almost unusable. RW 8.1 20451b


Same here, horrible. Fortunately it is beta-software so it might improve but looking at the number of “release candidates” some structural issues are surfaced.

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Hey @Jimbo and @EricW, sorry about these issues you’re experiencing.

Try this: go to your project settings, and under Advanced enable the “copy images/resources into document”, then save and restart RapidWeaver.


Many thanks for this, Aaron. Sorry for flying off the handle. This will be a great help.

That didn’t help in my project.

Doesn’t help - I already had it set this way. Still the project keeps asking this each time I open it.

I am going to give it a try, thanks for stepping in.

No reason for saying sorry, I volunteered to use the beta software so glitches can occur. If I cannot handle that I should stay patient and wait for the release :blush:

And besides I’m still stuck with version 6 of rw, because nobody could help with the linking of my resources to the newer updates. I went wrong already updating to version 7, 7.5 and 8.0. Itried all the hints and tricks, wich were in this forum …

Curious about: “copy images/resources into document”

In 8.0.3, under Settings/Advanced/ that option does not exist. Is this is a new option in 8.1? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Yes, it used to be called “make portable” (I think). Looks like you have that selected.

New 8.1 Screenshot:

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Having the same issue with resources. Moreover, when I attempt to resolve the individual image files RW crashes. I only installed the 8.1 update because the Poster stack demo file won’t load into RW 8.0.3

Oh, something else that i forgot to mention. Now Stacks keeps asking for my registration code but then jams up when the code is entered. I suspect that it’s caused by RW 8.1

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