Resources...big problem-not working

For some reason, my links to resources are not being published. They preview well.

If you hit the link in


the page is redirected somewhere.

I attach a screen shot of the resource link window…something not good here.!Resources%20in%20RW%20

Many thanks for any advice…never had any problems before.

What happens when you replace:




(No dash before the "C’ in ‘Chart’.)

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Mark, thanks for the prompt reply. I do not see any dash before the “C” in chart. Am I missing something.

think I found it!

I’m not sure where that dash is coming from…??41


When I go to and see the broken image graphic, I single-right-click on it to Open Link in a new window.

There I see that the URL of that link is

If I Inspect the element, I see that it’s coded as follows:

<img class="imageStyle" alt =" Chart-Shikei" src="Chart-Shikei_files/-chart-shikei.html"> =$0

which suggests that somewhere within RW the path to the (sub?)directory is being coded/written with a dash before the ‘chart…’ string.

The same applies to the actual <a href…> in the line above.

I’m not familiar enough with the way you have your project set up. But if you can find that dash, I think you will have found your error.

I would have said that it’s significant that both the path to the Resources directory and to the ‘Chart-Shikei_files/-chart-shikei.html’ file have the leading interloper dash.

Maybe even that one has an upper case ‘C’ and the other a lower case ‘c’?

Good luck!

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