Unable to link to resource

I just updated from RW7 to RW8. I have a number of graphics in Resources, but when I link to them and click on the link I do not see the graphic, just a notification that RW couldn’t find the server. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, did you publish all files?

I see that when I link to any resource the path goes to my old website, which no longer exists, rather than to my new website. I have the new path in my Publishing Setup | Website Address, but the resource path is still incorrect. How do I change it?

Did you reload your website in your browser?

Did you delete your old website?

Is it all .html, .php or both?

Would you like to share your url?

Hello Torsten, thanks for the reply.

Did you reload your website in your browser? Yes, over 100 times by now.

Did you delete your old website? The old website host is no longer on line. I’m not entirely clear on how you mean to delete it. I’m still using the build object for my site with both destinations in my publishing setup. When I publish to my new site the files are uploaded and most things work, except the links to resources. When I click on them I get a server not found error with the path name of my old website.

Is it all .html, .php or both? My old website was .html, the new one has .php. I’ve switched between the two in the past using RW7 without this problem.

If you have any more suggestions I’d like to hear them.

Hi, make sure that you have only one index file in every folder.

this would cause problems for example:

When you are in your resources make a right klick on a graphic and choose copy url. Open your browser and past the url. Do you see the graphic in your browser? If yes, try to relink the graphic with this url, publish and check again.

Good suggestions, but neither of them worked. First, my site is massive and has over 270 index.html files. I don’t have access to the on-line files but will ask my sever/host if I can get it. The local version, however, has nothing but index.html so I can’t say for certain if there are .php files on line.

Second, the test graphic I copy and pasted showed up in my browsed. I then re-linked that url and republished all files with the result that I got the same failure message with the link pointing to my old, non-existent server.

Any more ideas?

@tmavenger Hi, RW doesn’t delete files on the server, when you republish all it replaces old by new files but doesn’t delete the others. That means if an index.html has changed into index.php the old .html stays on the server with the new added .php. It causes conflict. You have to get access to your server in order to check that and delete what’s required to. You could use a ftp files manager like Filezilla or any other one. Hope it helps.

Do what Bruno is suggesting. I do not know what else it could be.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Seems like there’s a good chance this is the problem. I’m working on accessing the server to find out.

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