Resources error message issue

Hi There

I know I have posted this question before but I am still experiencing problems.

I have just started to get a warning message (reproduced in attachment) on launch.

I am using Latest Mac OS, latest RW and Feather theme. I doesn’t matter if I choose the HD, or Web folder, or image folder, or export folder, the warning message re appears instantly.

To be clear, I usually only work on a project folder that is on an external HD, but occasionally will use a back-up folder on a different Mac.

Also, I tried to add the resources, images, banners etc by manually dropping them into a resources folder but they don’t seem to ‘take’.

Any ideas would be appreciated, it would also be helpful to know if there are any consequences to simply ignoring this message!

Many thanks also to the individual who gave me advice last time, I am sorry I failed to reply do to illness.


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