RW8 Media Browser?

Just when I was getting used to have a working Media Browser again, I see it has disappeared in RW8 :frowning:

Have I missed something here in my rush to upgrade?

I made the mistake of adding my images folder to Resources, until I realised it was uploading .PSD files, 16bit Tiff files etc

Please @Realmac bring back the media browser!!

Hi Nick,

The new resources browser is on top left corner -> resources button in menu bar.

There you see files from your desktop, unsplash images, resources inside the project file.

Anything missing for you there?

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

Hi Jannis,
Thanks, it is, but it does not work as the media browser did: it is not possible to add external folders to the list. Like all photographers, I do not use Apple’s Photos / Unsplash(?) and adding a photo folder to resources uploads them all - need a very simple way to add a remote folder to the list as with the previous media browser.

Ah, I see now your point. No, the media browser like it was available in RW7 isn’t there any more.

At the end, I do not think it is actually needed. With below workflow, you are able to add a folder of images to the project (or link the folder to it).

Of course you are able to link separate images to that folder also.

  1. Make the project an “unpacked project”.

  2. drag and drop an photo folder from your finder / desktop to the resources folder

  3. You will see the new folder in the resources folder as sub folder. The images remain linked to your desktop and aren’t stored inside the project.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software


Hi Jannis,

Apologies for hijacking your thread, Nick but I have a small query which may help others.

If I link my images folder to resources as you describe, when I upload the site to the server do I just upload the images folder to the base folder on the server where the RW site will be loaded? Will the links still work or will they need altering?

Many thanks.

Impressed Jannis. Thanks for a great solution but unfortunately all the files are uploading :frowning:
I keep original TIFF & PSD (base files for the site) in the same location, so the last thing I want is 5Gb of files in resources

I think both questions can be answered with yes :thinking:

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