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I am running a site for a choir. Among a lot of subjects I list the sheet music for members’ practice purposes. All the songs are in Resources so when a member wants to look at the music, he clicks on the name of the song get the sheet music up.
Now, this is fairly straight forward and works without problems. However, on one particular song I had made a mistake so I wanted to correct it. I scanned in the sheet music again and saved it as a pdf file under the same name but with a different number at the end. The Resource link was changed accordingly, the old pdf was removed completely. It does not appear in Finder any longer. Strangely enough, on testing, the Resource pick up the old pdf (with a mistake on page two) ratrher than the new pdf. How can this be explained ?

You could be looking at a cached version. Get someone else to look at the PDF from their web browser. Or post the link here and someone who’s never visited the site can take a look.


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Thanks. Tried your suggestion with no luck. The link is and the list contains all the music in resources. The song in question is Auld lang syne with a link to the PDF file containing the two sheets of music. The link points to the correct PDF file with number 318 whilst the old PDF file with number 284 is the one that appears. The problem is that the old PDF’s 2nd page has nothing to do with Auld lang syne.The old PDF 284 has been erased and does not exist in Finder or Spotlight. If you have time to take a look I should highly appreciate it. Password is 1818.

The link refers to 284.pdf (see screenshot - link shown bottom left), the code on the page also shows 284.pdf - the new page has not replaced the old one.

Screen Shot 1

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Looks like another php vs html issue. If you go to here, you’ll see the updated PDF:

@bamse6540, it looks like you added the Page Safe stack to this page at some point. When it was added, it required the page to use PHP to pre-process the file. That’s what checks for authentication and shows the passcode dialog. This changed the page name/extension from index.html to index.php.

RapidWeaver doesn’t delete old pages from the website. When you published after adding Page Safe, RW added an index.php file to that folder. Websevers give higher priority to html files over PHP files. So, when there are both index.hml and index.php files in the same directory, it will serve the html file.

You will need to use an FTP program or the file manager in your webhost’s control panel to delete the index.html file.

I’d also probably change the folder name for that page from “page5” to something more descriptive, like “sheet-music”. If you do that, just delete the “page5” folder and re-publish.


Thanks. Tried your suggestion with no luck. The link is which shows the resource list. The song in question is Auld lang syne and has two pages. During the scanning operation I put in a wrong page 2 and that is what I have tried to correct. Could you have look please ? password 1818.

Thanks your interest and suggestions. Problem solved!

Thanks for your interest and comments. Problem is now solved.

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