Responsive Replacement for RWT Headliner 4

Its hard for me to tell what category to place this question…

I’m looking for a responsive replacement theme for RWT Headliner 4. I’ve emailed the developer about nine times in the last three months w/o any reply whatsoever, not even so much as a ‘bleep-off’. So I thought I’d ask here. I would really appreciate it if some kind and gentle person could direct me to something real close to the RWT Headliner 4 design. I’ve looked high and low but alas all fail in three places, the menus are always way to the top, the header images are wicked huge and none have sidebars (both left and right sidebars are being utilised).

Other relative info: Mac OS X 10.7.4, RW 5.4.

Thanks for any help you care to give.

Can you provide a link to the existing site or a screenshot of the theme? I don’t remember it I’m afraid.


That site can easily be redone with Foundation by Joe Workman.

  1. Foundation requires RW6.
  2. RW6 requires Yosemite.
  3. Yosemite requires a new Mac.
  4. A new Mac requires money I don’t have.

FreeStack Responsive supports RW 5.3.2+ and Stacks 2+. I would suggest getting the bundle though if you want all the add-ons.

An alternative to Foundations…

Otherwise, I personally haven’t seen anything like that Theme wise around the Developers sites…


RW6 doesn’t require Yosemite. I’m running it on Mavericks and i know many other people are or were running it on Mavericks. What about using a three column stack instead of the two side-bars? I know that has been recommended instead of using a sidebar, and that would work in any theme. But perhaps you have a particular reason that you need 2 sidebars.

Actually, we can give you the RW 5 version if you want it. Foundation 1.5+ requires RapidWeaver 6, but 1.4 and under will work in RapidWeaver 5.

I had a look at the FastStack Responsive page but the website gave very little real information about using it.

You are right of course, I meant to write Mavericks, my bad, I get the two confused at times.

If I could find the appropriate theme I could code in a three column layout. I have used Stacks, but I’m no fan of it. And if I had to, I could hand-code the website but I’m not real good at it.

The website is for a very small conservative evangelical country-church. There is no bling, no flashing-moving images. The two sidebars each have a different “daily hint”. This is how the client wants it. The middle section contains current events in the church community.


Not sure what you’re looking for “little real information about using it”, there are downloadable instruction PDF files (free) to review what the different items in the packages do, there are about 20+ different client sites that use the FreeStack Responsive bundle instead of developer tweaked demo pages on the site.

Who made the Headliner 4 Theme?

I could find a Headliner 5 Theme by Kuler but it’s no longer available on his website for sale.

You could use a blank Theme and built in responsive columns from Stacks to develop your site as an alternative (Can’t remember where the blank theme is from though unfortunately)


Thank you for the information, I found that PDF. I’ll have to study when time allows. I looked at several of the example sites but none impressed me.

Kuler made the Headline 4 theme back a few years ago when they were called RapidWeaverThemes. I bought RWT Headliner 4, early 2011. When Headliner 5 came out I tried to get the update but the developer would not reply to emails either via his address or his website contact form - supposedly it was a free update. I still get his newsletters, latest one is dated Dec 3, 2015

Hi Hawkeye,

If you have any questions on FreeStack Responsive, please email me and I will be happy to help you out.

The FreeStack Responsive site showcase page currently has over 60 sites listed here:

They are a cross section of actual sites created by RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 5 users of all skill levels to give you a good idea of what you can create with FreeStack Responsive. The RWT Headline 4 theme is an older theme by Gary at Kuler SOlutions whose layout is easily duplicated using FreeStack Responsive, Foundation, or the Blank stack themes.