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(Franklyn Spence) #1

I’ve created some custom png images to use as link buttons for social media as well as email map etc for my site. I’ve currently have them as a 5 Column stack but that isn’t ideal as they are spaced too far apart and on mobile aren’t right. Can anyone suggest a stack for this. Need to link images to pages and external URL
Suggestions on how to improve my site welcome

(r) #2

Hi…Take a look at the responsive settings of the 5 column stack, the gutter width settings and possibly the Fill mode setting change to flexible.

(Franklyn Spence) #3

Also there is too much space below the banner. This is escape 2 theme using superflex 2 banner stack. I’ve reduced the margins to 0 but no luck.

(Greg Schneck) #4

When I want to “close things up” I use UsefulStack. You can specify a “max-width” of the stack. Just set a max-width which will close things up. Things are still responsive when goin smaller. Useful stack is Free. You can also use it to set margin and padding in percentages, thus, they will adjust with screen size.

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