Responsive url image stack suggestion?

Does anyone know of any good free or under $5, responsive image stacks that I can enter a url to the image?

What I’m trying to do:

I simply need a responsive image stack that I can enter a url to the image or, an html stack thats responsive to the content?

From what I’ve found so far thats free, the stacks are just not compatible with RW 7 and Stacks 3.

I’m pretty sure you might be able to find some stacks at about $5, but not positive.

Or put this into an HTML stack:

<img src="fullURLhere" alt="textdescription" width="100%" />

As long as your theme is responsive the above code will be responsive too.

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Here’s two options:



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Don’t let the early part of the description fool you, read on. it works with all NOT just SVG.
Make a small Contribution if you find it useful.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I forgot about that.