Responsive stack for index/link of (sub)photo pages?

I have been using Yourhead’s Collage for index/catalogue/table of contents for various (sub) photo pages on my website. On index page every Collage thumbnail is a link to a specific (sub) photo album page (as in Now I would like to make my website responsive (propably with Navigator theme) and I can’t use Collage for the purpose any more. I would appreciate if someone could recommend responsive stack for the purpose.

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Since you can turn any image or text stack into a link (using RW’s built-in link function) you can simply use one of the available responsive grid stacks, drop equally-sized thumbnail images into each canvas and add the link to the subpage.


If you are not tied to using the Stacks plugin, then WeaverPix by Chillidog Software is worth looking at:

This includes several collage / grid themes, all of which are responsive. Addon themes are available too, including a few from my website.

I’m not saying Stacks is not the correct tool for the job. But if you are working with a lot of images, it could prove tedious and time consuming. WeaverPix is designed from the ground up for handling image galleries.

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Thank you for your answers. Now I have done the thumbnail indexes with Elixir Graphics’ Structure Stacks, but I have to reconsider the theme, because the navigation was not exactly what I thought it was.

I am trying to find a stack that offers a responsive grid of images with text below like the link in the first post to this topic. I see lots of responsive grid stacks, but I can’t seem to find one that also allows text below the image to identify what the image is linking to.

Any help would be appreciated.


Grid from @yuzool maybe?

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So what I did was that I used Stacks and Elixir Graphics’ Structure tools (Grid & Image) and added text elements from Stacks itself to the grid under the images. This is just for index pages for photoalbums on my pages (as in Albums themselves are just normal photopages from theme (Nick Cates’ Forward). I’ll add also a photo of edit view from Rapidweaver to be more clear about above explanation.

Thanks for the shout out :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it’s maxed out at 24 at the moment
Maybe one day I will make it infinite

That said, you can put more than one on the page so that could work one under the other :slight_smile:

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