Restoring To New Mac - Need Help

I know this has been asked before but I did a clean install of RapidWeaver and I need some guidance in knowing what folder to copy over from my SuperDuper backup. Thanks!

Why not do a clean install of all your other add-ons since you took the time to do a clean install of RW?

I am in favor of doing whatever necessary to get back to where I left off in RapidWeaver so that I can manage my website. I do have it working but it has a few issues. I followed some steps in this support community, but I still have some questions. There are several folders in Containers Folder that I’m not sure about copying.


I’m presuming I should only copy realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8. What about the SharePrefs?

RW preferences has the capability to export your addons as a zip file, you can then transfer them to your new install. I’m assuming you have RW open and running.
The other files you are mentioning could probably be moved but if you rebuild with your addons I think that will accomplish the same?
Export Addons Directory

I’m not sure what your goal is, Migration assistant would be easiest followed by reinstalling RW7 and then doing a cleanup of unused older stacks that may be obsolete (or not).
Everything else (moving the old files) seems to defeat the point of a “clean install”.

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