How to Restore Sites & Stacks to New Computer

I made the transfer to a new MacBook Pro running Catalina not long ago. All my RW websites were done in RW 7.2 on an older MacBook Pro which I still have. I also have access to RW 8 now through SetApp. When restoring files to the new computer, my sites will not load due to missing themes and stacks. How do I restore those items? And then how do I make the move to the updated RW 8 with that same material? Of course, AppleCare could not help me with this problem. Thanks.

On the older MacBook that’s running RW7:

  1. Make sure all addons are up to date
  2. Make sure you close all projects
  3. Open Preferences > Addons
  4. Change the Addons Location to something Easy to find like: ~/Documents/RapidWeaverAddons
  5. RapidWeaver will move the addons folder to that location, copy that folder to the new Mac
  6. Also under settings for each project file make sure the project is set to be Portable and Save theme

On the New Mac running RW8:

  1. Copy the old Addons Folder from the old Mac to the new on in the same location like: ~/Documents/RapidWeaverAddons
  2. Open up the addons Manager Preferences > Addons
  3. Set the addons Location to the new Location
  4. Restart RapidWeaver
  5. Open the older RW7 projects (Saved as Portable).
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Thank you, Doug! I’ll try that.

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