Moving RapidWeaver 8

I am doing a clean install on a new MacBook Pro. I have lots of existing stacks, plug-ins, themes and projects - which I need to move to the new Mac … and have the fresh RW installation recognize. I found an article on this site about moving RW 7, however there are enough changes to RW 8 that it is outdated.

I basically just want to pick up all my “stuff” (which is currently in RW 8) and move it to the new RW 8 instance. I posted a question a few days ago but apparently wasn’t clear in my explanation, because multiple responses were about backup.

I’m looking for guidance on how to move all the stuff I’ve added.

If someone is aware of an article that explains this I would be grateful.

Thx in advance!


Assuming you have the old Mac still around.

  • Fire up RapidWeaver 8 on The old Mac.

  • Open up Preferences, Then select the Addons

  • Now at this point, you could select a different location and move the addons folder to a shared service like DropBox or iCloud. Or you an just select reveal in finder. That folder (addons Location) and all its content (including subfolders) contain all the addons (stacks, plugins, and Themes). So you could just copy that folder to drive. close up RapidWeaver on the old Mac.

  • Open RW on the new Mac.


  • Select the location - if you are using a shared drive like DropBox or Choose another location (subdirectory in Documents or where you want them.

  • if you are keeping them locally then copy the addons you backed up to the new location

  • restart RW

  • The addon should show up.

You’ll need serial numbers to activate plugins like stacks or Formloom. Themes and individual stacks should be Okay.

Thank you!!!

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