Retina images in snippets?


I’m using the Sweety theme and am using a snippet to have my own images displayed in the extra content #2 area. The banner area. The reason being is that this is being used on a blog page, not a stacks friendly page.

Everything works fine, though I’m wondering if there is additional code (To insert into the snippet) which would call up images for retina displays such as a user surfing with an iPad?

Here is an example of the code used now;

    <div id="myExtraContent2">
<div class="flexslider">
<ul class="slides">
<li><img src="%resource(blog_banners/banner038.jpg)%" /></li>
<li><img src="%resource(blog_banners/banner094.jpg)%" /></li>
</div><!-- #myExtraContent -->

Thanks for Listening!