RW 5 --> RW 7 - can't find my snippets any more :-(

Using El Capitan and the SERENO Theme from Henk Vrieselaar, I changed from RW 5 to RW 7 lately.
The snippets that where in RW 5 do not appear in RW 7.

I have the snippets inside the folder
~ / Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Snippets

but they don’t show up inside the RW project.

In another post I saw a screenshot that shows 2 folders in application support: rapidweaver and rapidweaver 7. I only have one: rapidweaver.

Could there be another place where the Snippets should be, a “restored folder” or something?

I am getting grey hair over that :wink:
so please help! :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance,

IN RW7 the addons folder (and Snippets) is located in your user library:

Thank you Greg! Unfortunately, I do not have a “Containers” folder (don’t know why) so I couldn’t go this way.

So I ended up asking Henk himself.

He wrote me that sometimes RW does not take the snippets from 5 to 7.
He advised me to drag the unzipped snippets onto the RW icon, install them again this way and relaunch RW.

It worked :-)))

Henk is such a great help!