Video Lightbox for warehoused videos...not YouTube or Vimeo

Hi all,

I’m looking for a stack to play videos that will expand to a lightbox, but not hosted on YouTube or Vimeo as I want to warehouse my videos on my sever rather than use YouTube or Vimeo. I don’t the way YouTube or Vimeo now have all these other “suggested” videos to watch after my video plays.

I have quite a number of video player stacks, Doobox Play, Nick Cates Velvet Video, Joe Workmans HTML5 Video, Impact, Elixir Video Embed, CosCulture Video plus many others but none expand from the thumbnail image into a larger lightbox or will only use YouTube or Vimeo hosted videos not warehoused videos…don’t know why they do it that??

All suggestions welcome.

Cheers Scott

Check out stacks4stacks player stack:
It has the expand control, has a free demo version.

Hi Doug,
Thanks, yes I’ve looked at Player, great stack.
I’m trying to find something that will auto expand upon play. I will have a few videos on the page with small thumbnail images and I’d like them to expand automatically upon play.
Any thoughts on how I can achieve that?

Cheers Scott

There may be other stacks that do what you’re asking. @willwood might be able to tell you how to accomplish this with player stack and maybe a lightbox stack.

I haven’t work much with videos, and I would tend to lean more to the hosted stuff like Vimeo. Videos are pretty large in size and most hosting companies (although they offer unlimited storage) can’t really serve the video files fast enough.

I haven’t done one in a while but Vimeo I don’t think does that (at least not with the paid plans).

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Will’s Topbox will do it:

and BWD’s Limelight, although I don’t remember offhand if it will do self-hosted videos:


My Expose stack can put anything you want inside of it. When you use it with my HTML5 Video stack, it will auto-play/pause the video when the lightbox opens/closes.

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ProGallery, TopBox and FancyViewer all support HTML5 video inside lightboxes.

Future versions of TopBox will let you restyle the HTML5 video controls, like the Multi Player stack does. I demonstrated this a few nights ago on Twitter.

It may also become feasible to use stacks like Player, LitePlayer or VideoPleyer inside TopBox, letting you combine a powerful video stack with a lightbox.

No stack ever does exactly what you want (but what could you do without them? !
Is free if you want to experiment…

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Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions and comments.

I went with Limelight, very impressed with it’s versatility and performance. Just what I wanted.

Cheers Scott

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