Reveal what stack to use

I got a project where my manager want to have 6 circular images at top of page and when clicked on the image it will reveal a full page with information pushing the other page downward until they either X it or click on next image which would close the previous image page and open a different page

Also she want the arrow at top of page pointing to the image which was clocked

Ant stack that reveal like this or is there a way to do it with fountain + BWD stacks?

Feedback and inputs welcomed here

Thank you

Hi Bill,

great, a customer that wants exactly what they want. You could check out the Expanse-stack from 1LD. That might be a direction…

The expanse stack looks good but I think they still want to keep the current page active not overlap it with another page.

A new page reveal but pushes the current page downward that they still can scroll down to view the rest of the page with the reveal still opened at the top if you get what I am saying?


Peek-a-Boo might work for this.

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Yeah, I just saw that stack just now after checking the function of Joe’s demo button on many of his stack page.

Thank you

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