RGBA support for theme colours in 7.0.3 beta


We noted this in the release notes but incase you missed it, we introduced RGBA support for theme colours in the 7.0.3 beta. You can use it by setting RWSupportsAlphaInColours within the RWThemeCapabilities dictionary in info.plist.


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Hum, I don’t think this is working.
And you mean to add this into RWThemeCapabilities on the theme.plist file instead, right?


Any update on RGBA support? As of latest version 7.1 beta, using any transparency setting greater than .5 is rendered as 1, and under .5 is rendered as 0, aka either full or transparent.

I don’t know if this is a related issue, but I just tried adding RWSupportsAlphaInColours to a theme, and preview in 7.1.0 (18079b) immediately starting throwing this error:

Even after I deleted the RWSupportsAlphaInColours key from the theme and restarted RapidWeaver, preview was still stalling on this error. I found the only way to recover the page was to reset it back to the theme style default. That had the effect of resetting all the colour values, and from that point onwards the page was previewing fine without an error.

I’ll send in the project file and theme using the green Give Feedback button and link to this post.

I noticed that error too, thought it might be something else. Exact same message. Changing the setting in the plist back to NO fixed the issue. Also, was working on creating Theme Styles too at the time.

Hi all,

First of all, yes - @weaver’s comment is correct. It should be in Theme.plist.

Secondly, there is currently a bug where the alpha component could either be 0 or 1 as spotted by @mouserworks. That’s been fixed for the next beta.

@willwood Could you share the theme with me please?I haven’t seen this.



@willwood thanks for sending your theme and project in. Just to confirm, I’ve managed to replicate the issue here and it’ll be fixed in the next beta of 7.1

Is there a way to tell RW that certain color pickers can use the opacity slider and others cannot?

@Elixir no, sorry - it’s an all or nothing setting. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any reason why you’d want this - can you share?

If I have an element that I don’t want the user to be able to adjust the opacity on. Say a content container or a menu bar or something else where i want the design to have a non-translucent background. I design themes with a look and feel in mind and generally don’t set every single thing to be adjustable. Defeats the purpose of a “theme” IMHO.