Contact form issues and questions

I am on RW latest, Aspen Theme, contact form is Formloom 4

4 questions, all Formloom or Contact page associated

1: what are the advantages/differences of checking the ‘Send from reply email and name’?

2: I changed the contact page on a clients site from Captcha, to reCaptcha V3. I started to get the error message as soon as I went on the contact page.


Can any one key me how to resolve this, is it anything to do with the ‘site key’ ‘private key’ text in the reCaptcha 3 control panel, which I haven’t altered.

I realise I recently posted q2 as a separate topic, but I am trying to reduce the spam on a clients site.

3: The Google captcha that uses random images to be picked, is this available as a stack?

4: Is there a Formloom 4 users manual or youtube that deals with the various other Formloom settings such as ‘enable DKIM’

There’s a formloom documentation, just click the Documentation button on the right sidebar Formloom Plugin

Did you register the site with google?

Google reCaptcha v.3
reCAPTCHA protects you against spam and other types of automated abuse. Formloom uses the invisible v.3 to make things MUCH easier on your site visitors. To create your required credentials, visit and register a new site using reCaptcha 3 as the type.

I think that is Recaptcha 3.

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Many thanks

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